• Asia,  Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka: workaway at Ishanka & Anna’s

    Like I said in my previous article, while we were trying one more time to buy train tickets (you need to book in advance, or so it seems), two people canceled their booking one morning, so we bought theirs! How…

  • Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka: our tuk-tuk roadtrip!

    If the best way to visit Vietnam is by bike without any doubt, in Sri Lanka, the best way is by tuk-tuk! But there must be some people who may be wondering “but what is a tuk-tuk?”. They are three…

  • Philippines

    Philippines: Cebu, Palawan & Manila

    Unlike Bali, I will not write an article on how to prepare for a trip to the Philippines because I don’t have as many things to say. Maybe because we didn’t plan anything at all (and that was a mistake). We…

  • Vietnam Blog Post
    Asia,  Vietnam


    The next destination won’t disappoint. That’s plainly impossible, according to the fellow backpackers I meet alongside the road, particularly around South East Asia. And to be honest, it did not disappoint, indeed. One question I often get asked is ‘what’s…

  • Asia,  Bali and Lombok,  Indonesia

    Somewhere between Bali & Lombok

    I’ve been wasting some time (I don’t really consider it a waste, but the writing process was on pause) to enhance my blog, like creating a logo based on one of my former drawings, “commissioned” by the guesthouse Aurélie and…

  • Bali and Lombok,  Indonesia


    Now that we are ready to go, and that you’re aware about the biggest scam I know (granted, I don’t know much obviously about Indonesia), I can finally write about the trip itself! Let me tell you that it’s much…