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    Let’s talk more about WWOOFing!

    The first time I WWOOFed was when I left to Japan and Korea for three months. Alright, but what is WWOOFing actually? Yeah, what is that?! Why two ‘w’ in a word? Because it’s an acronym, which stands for “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms”, which began in the UK some 50 years ago (1971). The name changed numerous times, and for a good reason to my opinion. The first version was  ‘Willing Workers on Organic Farms’… Something sounds a bit fishy, I think. Anyway, WWOOFing is mostly to work in farms (among other things, like hotels, animal station, shops,…

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    Happy New Year 2021!

    What can we wish for next year? Hope for a better one, not as ‘heavy’ as 2020. Which is not hard, to be honest! The situation I think has been very detrimental to many of us, even if maybe some…

  • Non classé

    A story of mine on the French national radio?

    The story I still travel with.. For those who know me very well know that I am pretty much obsessed with the French radio ‘France Inter‘. When I come back to a more sedentary life, back to the post office,…

  • Vietnam Blog Post
    Asia,  Vietnam


    The next destination won’t disappoint. That’s plainly impossible, according to the fellow backpackers I meet alongside the road, particularly around South East Asia. And to be honest, it did not disappoint, indeed. One question I often get asked is ‘what’s…

  • Philippines: Manila, Cebu and Palawan blog post


    Unlike Bali, I will not write an article on how to prepare for a trip to the Philippines because I don’t have as many things to say. Maybe because we didn’t plan anything at all (and that was a mistake). We…

  • Bali and Lombok

    Somewhere between Bali & Lombok

    I’ve been wasting some time (I don’t really consider it a waste, but the writing process was on pause) to enhance my blog, like creating a logo based on one of my former drawings, “commissioned” by the guesthouse Aurélie and…