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A story of mine on the French national radio?

The story I still travel with..

For those who know me very well know that I am pretty much obsessed with the French radio ‘France Inter‘. When I come back to a more sedentary life, back to the post office, that radio follows me everyday.

For the summer, Elodie Font was hosting a radio podcast called ‘Chacun sa route‘ about any kind of travel (spiritual, ecological etc.), which I was listening happily every day.
If there is a thing I want to share, for sure my trips are one of them (isn’t that blog a proof?). So I sent an email to Elodie. She quickly replied and we organised a small audio story. The pitch was to talk about something from my trip that changed something in my life nowadays, and I thought about a moment in Vietnam, while driving on the bike in Ha Giang.

Therefore, on August the 11th, I am broadcasted during the podcast about a French ‘biker’, if I must define her, Anne-France Dhauteville. After I talk, she says ‘what she’s saying is beautiful’, which makes me even happier! 

Here is a small video I did quickly to put some images on some records I did. The background music and sounds are mostly added by the radio already (except the song of the woman):

You can put the English subtitles!

The mates as well!

Moreover! I am not the only one who had the chance to get a moment on the radio, I still didn’t translate these articles but I have been to Japan, Yakushima, with Maud and Lilas, two friends from uni.

After I told Lilas about my experience, she really wanted to try as well and did this beautiful one about Seoul! For French speakers only, unfortunately…

Here you can find her instagram (she’s writing in English!), which despite the fact that she’s my friend, I truly love her instagram. It’s very aesthetic and oddly satisfying as it is so smooth, if that makes sense: Lilac and honey.

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