Who am I?

Aurélie and I in the Pyrénées
Aurélie and I in the Pyrénées

I am a woman within my twenties from France, my name is Emma. As far as I can remember I am deeply in love with travelling, like many others, thus I decided to go exploring the world. My dream was always to visit Far East Asia, so much that it became my field of study. Therefore, when the right moment came, I left travelling on my own for three months in Japan and Korea, where I also discovered the principle of WWOOFing. Even though it was hard, as I was barely 20, I loved it and wanted to renew the experience.

So my family and friends wouldn’t be so worried, I created this blog. The name comes from my dad who was calling me “my flea” (it is pretty common in France), hence the name is pretty obvious.

Again, as many people, I am also keen on taking pictures, so a blog is a good idea to share my best pictures.

These three months were not enough and decided to just go on as long as I can. Fortunately, a dear friend of mine, Aurélie, was available as I was. We started in a short but amazing WWOOFing trip to Scotland. So she is often mentioned and even wrote some articles on this blog.
(Bonus: if you click on her name, you’ll end up on her personal blog)

We also began together what will be my biggest first adventure: 2 years trip around Asia & Australia. In Japan, I met my current partner, Dante, an Argentinian-former-lone-traveller since an even longer time. Him and I lived in Australia and visited Asia for 6 months to end in France & Argentina. Now, we keep on our adventures together.

One of my goal in life became more clear after all these adventures: nature suffers and we owe something to ‘Her’. Humanity greed and stupidity brings many species to extinction and, you know it well, major climate changes. I want to have a role in our ‘redemption’ (while I used two religious terms, I am a determined non-believer) and will share some advices I’ve come along on my journey.

If yourself are a wanderer, a curious person or a dreamer, welcome! You can ask me anything in “contact” and I will do my best to reply as soon as possible.

Oh and! Excuse my mistakes, as you can guess, English is not my mother tongue.

Legal mention:

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